7 Makeup Secrets to Get Younger Looking Eyes

Makeup Secrets to Get Younger Looking Eyes

Keep an ‘eye’ on yourself! If your eyes are the windows to your hearts, they are also the first to show visible signs of aging. Well, you don’t need to get all worked up now! What are cosmetic products for? Read on to know makeup secrets to get younger looking and sexier eyes.

1. Try the natural way first

You may be having a busy lifestyle, but not catching up on adequate sleep will definitely ruin the health of your eyes. So, make sure that you rest your eyes for at least 8 hours every night to avoid tired, baggy and swollen eyes. Don’t sleep flat on your back. Make sure to have a couple of pillows under your head so fluid won’t accumulate around your eyes.

2. Opt for simple solutions at home

You may have a store of tea bags at home for sure. Wet them and place them on your tired looking eyes and see the wonderful effects for yourself. Do this daily for at least 15 minutes to rid the skin around your eyes of those giveaway lines. Potato peels, frozen peas and chilled cucumbers are of great help to reduce the dark circles around them too.

3. Apply water based foundation

Foundations are the simplest ways of hiding those creases near your eyes. But it’s water based foundations that will do the trick here! They are light and spread smoothly around your sagging eyes. A neat way would be to get a small drop of it on your palm and using your fingertips, gently spread it to the inner circles of your eyes. Working in circles around the eyes does wonders!

4. Curl it up

No other makeup product can do what a curler does to lift your dull looking eyes. Don’t just hold down your eyelashes for a few seconds with a curler. But try the open-close method as it will add more pressure for longer lasting curls. Repeat this five times at least, followed by a jet black mascara. That’s an easy way for younger looking eyes!

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