8 Signs You are a Narcissist

8 Signs You are a Narcissist

It is very common for humans and even many animal species to display traits of narcissism. But when the inflated value of self and resultant strong love and admiration for self engulfs your life; it can be debilitating and very disturbing. With so much self-absorption running around these days, sometimes it even becomes difficult to identify a narcissist. People swearing by the number of likes their pictures receives on Facebook are not necessarily categorized as narcissists. However, there are some tell-tale signs of a narcissist.

1. ‘I don’t care about what you think’ attitude

All narcissists are usually one-sided in their behavior, thoughts and perceptions. And the only side or thought they ever give consideration to is of course theirs. If you want all conversations and actions pretty much focused upon you every time, then there is a problem brewing somewhere. In the pursuit of making your vision and actions appreciable, you often tend to dismiss, ignore or belittle others around you.

2. There is no room for ‘I am not perfect’

If you think that you are flawless, have no imperfections and should be considered as a role model by all to emulate and turn towards, then there is all probability that you are a quintessential narcissist.

3. Desire to be considered successful

You are so full of admiration for yourself that you take all attempts to wipe away even casual mistakes. You find it hard to accept imperfections in yourself and often cover up and even lie to others just so to make sure that your esteem does not slip. A narcissist’s need for affirmation of success from self and others is extremely high.

4. Focus of conversation

A narcissist loves to be the center of attention and tries to hog the limelight in every way possible. She is one who wants to have the last say in any conversation and would also love the subject of conversation to be focused on her, her successes, her beauty and other admirable traits.

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