Learn How To Get Over A Man With These 5 Simple Steps

Learn How To Get Over  A Man With These 5 Simple Steps

Are you tired of looking for answers to your question, how to get over a man? Tend to a broken heart and mend a hurt soul with these simple tips to get you back on your feet.

1. Clean your brain’s hard disk

The basics of learning how to get over a man starts by forgetting him. It’s like deleting an entire folder from your brain’s hard disk. There is no easy way to do it. But you can start by taking simple steps like deleting his number and email address from your phonebook, deleting him from your MySpace and Facebook, throwing away his pictures and all the gifts he’s given to you. Although you may want to hold on to the expensive ones! Better to throw away everything that he gave you.

2.Stop following him

Moving on to our next tip, we take a look at one of the very common traits that we women have. When you break up with him, you’d usually end up stalking him, wouldn’t you friends? Don’t check his emails, don’t check his answering machine, don’t visit his usual hang out place and don’t cruise by his house.

3. Meet new people

Ask yourself “What are the things you’ve not done with him?” and do them. Ask yourself “Which are the places I’ve not gone with him?” and visit them. Are you confused why we are asking you to do this while we show you how to get over a man? Don’t be, because these activities will expose you to new people, new places, new environment and most importantly, change.

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