6 Signs Your Long Distance Relationship Is Fading

6 Signs Your Long Distance Relationship Is Fading

It is not easy to maintain a long distance relationship. But if you have one, you must take care to keep it alive, for over a long period of time, a long distance relationship might not work. How would you know if your long distance online relationship is fading? There are certain signs you should look out for. The major 6 signs of a fading long distance relationship are listed below.

1. You communicate less

You have begun to communicate lesser and lesser. You do not find talking to him amazing anymore and the magic has reduced. Also, you do not look forward to talking to him again sooner. The initial excitement has faded and you now are looking towards moving on. It is a sign that the relationship is now fading.

2. He takes time to reply to your messages

You have sent him a message but he is taking ages to reply. If it is once in a while, the reason could be genuine. But if it becomes habitual, remember that he does not consider you crucial in his life anymore and it is a sure sign that your long distance relationship is now fading. You may also find that you do not want to be connected to him round the clock any longer.

3. He cannot find time for you readily anymore

Earlier, he was readily available to talk to you over the phone or have a video chat when you wanted. But it now seems that he is finding it more and more difficult to find time for you. The reason could be genuine, but if he really loves you, he will definitely find a way to be able to talk to you. But if it seems that he is putting no effort to be available for you, it could be a sign of a fading relationship.

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    My God that’s so not true! Maybe they just talk when they’re alone because they want privacy. This sounds more like a “Overly Attached Girlfriend” guide. People have their lives, they need their time and space! In every relationship people tent to spend less time together after a while, or everyone’s parents just text all the time, have passionate sex on the floor when they meet?

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