Easy Ways To Make Your Nails Look Sexy

5 Easy Ways To Make Your Nails Sexy

“Why fuss about nail care tips every day?”, asked Minnie, 26, a nail expert at a local salon. “The best advice and nail care tips that I can give is to keep your nails naturally strong and protected”, she added. Find out what Minnie had to say and check out these top nail care tips to keep them nails strong and healthy.

“Beautiful and healthy nails are one of the first signs of a good diet and a healthy lifestyle. My very first nail care tip would be to eat foods that provide enough nutrients, vitamins and other essentials that promote good body health and nail growth. Foods rich in calcium, iron, vitamin A and C will go a long way in making your nail strong”, said Minnie. Do you have enough foods in your daily diet that provide you with the essentials, friends? If you don’t, follow this nail care tip and increase your daily intake of calcium, iron and other vitamins to get strong and healthy nails.

“What about the nail polish that we use, Minnie?”, we asked. Minnie was quick to suggest another nail care tip. She said, “There are many fortified nail polishes available in the market. Manufacturers say that these special nail polishes are formulated to provide extra vitamins and minerals for the nails”. Before you head to the stores after hearing this nail care tip, check out what Minnie told us later. She said that some of these fortified nail polishes boast of claims that sound impossible. So watch out for dodgy nail products that promise miracle cures and spend wisely.

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