Learn How To Apply Lip Color With These 5 Easy Steps


Are you trying hard to learn how to apply lip color? Have you been buying the best lipsticks but still can’t get that inviting look? Friends, we know it is difficult to get the perfect look when it comes to lip color. Here is our step by step guide for you to learn how to apply lip color and get those luscious lips.

Step 1: Pick the right lip color

Learning how to apply lip color perfectly starts with learning how to choose the right lip color. Women with darker skin tones prefer deep red, wines and other rich shades. On the other hand, women with a lighter skin tone prefer pinks, coral, orange and peach. The easiest way to choose the right lip color is to sample all the lip colors at the mall. You will be able to tell immediately which lip color suits your skin tone. Make sure that you sample the lip colors by applying a slight patch on your hand or the wrist. Never on your lips, darlings.

Step 2: Use the lip liner

Do you have shivery hands? Then a lip liner is a great start to any lip color ritual. The reason why we recommend the application of a lip liner is because it will define your lips. Use this top tip to trace the edges of your lips and give them a flawless border.

Step 3: Use the lip stain

The second step in our guide of how to apply lip color is to use a lip stain after you’ve used the lip liner, but before you use the lipstick or the lip color. Do you know why? It’s because a lip stain will give your lip color a stable base so you can be less worried about your lip color wearing off during the day. If you are a woman on the run, working 9 to 5, then using the lip stain will work wonders for you because it is hard to remove.

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