5 Ways To Stay Motivated To Lose Weight

5 Ways To Remain Motivated To Lose Weight

How to stay motivated to lose weight? If you are looking for an answer to this question too, read on to know tips to stay motivated to lose weight from readers who have won the battles against weight loss.

1. Make a weight loss plan/diary on paper and check your progress

“To stay motivated to lose weight, you must chalk out your weight loss plan on pen and paper. I get a lot of motivation when I check my weight loss progress against what I had originally planned”, said Jules, 33, who has lost 18 pounds in the last 4 months. We think that a weight loss diary is a great idea to stay motivated to lose weight.

2. Get a weight loss buddy

Shelly, 29, swears by the technique of having a weight loss buddy to stay motivated to lose weight. “I speak to Jen on the phone every evening to see how she went with her diet and routine at the gym”, said Shelly. Great tip, Shelly. The best part about this tip to remain motivated to lose weight is that you and a friend can keep each other’s spirits up.

3. Always measure yourself at regular intervals

“Many times we may not see an apparent difference in our body shapes but the measure tape will tell you how many inches you’ve lost”, said Simone, 43, a mother of 3 and a caring homemaker. Simone believes that taking regular measurements is a great way to stay motivated to lose weight. Why not make a spreadsheet or maintain a log of your measurements?

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