7 Signs You Are Just a Hookup

Signs You Are Just a Hookup

Do you hold a special place in his heart, or are you just a hookup? If you are a hookup, then it is about time to end the relationship with dignity and grace. Listed below are some signs, which will help you evaluate the situation, read on.

1. If he keeps you away from family and friends

Does he ever talk about his family and friends? If not, then he might not be serious regarding the relationship. If he always avoids talking about his friends or family, and does not introduce you as his girlfriend, then he probably just considers you as a hook-up.

2. If he does not have the time

When you call him, he is always busy. When you want to meet him, he has some prior commitments. Do you think he loves you? Get a reality check, because you could just be a hookup. Normal relationship thrives on commitment and communication.

3. If he only calls you at night

Now, what kind of relationship is that, where he calls you or meets you only at night? He does not wish to meet you in the daylight; it is obvious that he is not interested in you. This happens because he is not serious about you.

4. If he does not add you on social sites

Do you feature in his friends list on social networking sites? If your answer is ‘no’, then think about the relationship. If he is not interested in you, naturally he will not add you to his friends list. You are a temporary hookup for him in this case.

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