8 Hair Disasters to Avoid

8 Hair Disasters to Avoid

Did you know that your hair contributes to 60% of your appearance? While, the world is already wide awake to the reasons behind hair fall, there are still a few hair disasters that we allow to happen, knowingly or unknowingly. Listed below are a few hair disasters to avoid to prevent reaching the initial stages of baldness.

1. Too Often Too Oily

Any type of hair needs a wash within four hours of oiling. The hair needs be kept oil free whether you are out to work or indoors. There is a general notion that the longer you keep oil in your hair, the more nourished it gets. But the truth is, it does no good at all; it just makes hair dirtier and dandruff more stubborn.

2. Hair Wash, Rare Wash

Your hair needs a rinse at least once in 3 days using a good shampoo followed by a conditioner. Otherwise, a dirty scalp causes dandruff and hair fall. Never apply conditioner on your roots. This will trigger hair breakage and hair fall problems.

3. Artificial Straightening at Home

Chemically altered hair can result in rough, dry hair eventually leading to breakage, hair fall, scalp irritation, redness and itching. Trying to do it at home without any professional help can only worsen the situation, as the chemicals used in the procedure have very balanced amount of right chemicals to be used. Even a ounce here and there can prove to be disastrous for your hair.

4. Excess Ammonia

Ammonia based hair colors for artificial coloring of strands can cause serious unalterable damage to your hair, making it frizzy, dull, dry and discolored. Over dyeing of chemically synthesized hair colors can prove to be highly disastrous, hence be very choosy when selecting your stylist.

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