6 Singers Who Wrote Songs on Heartbreak

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These days, many established singers have turned songwriters and have proved their mettle by writing on personal and touchy topics like heartbreak. They have drawn a great deal on their personal experiences and written songs that are gripping, passionate, soulful and revengeful at times. Listed here are some such singers who wrote songs on heartbreak.

1. Taylor Swift

She was solely a country singer before she started getting her fair share of limelight and going around dating cute boys. Well, we all know that dating popular cute boys has the major side effect of a sudden dumping or break up and that’s what Swift has experienced many times as can be seen through the songs she has written by herself. She wrote her recent chart topper, ‘I knew you were trouble’ based on her troublesome relationship with One Direction singer Harry Styles. Then there was the song, ‘Dear John’ based on her affair with John Mayer.

2. Adam Levine

The handsome singer’s first album with his band Maroon 5 was named ‘Song about Jane’. Most of the songs in the album became instant hits and they were all describing girls or experiences and relationships with girls. Not many know that the curiously named album was named so right after the lead singer, Levine’s breakup with a girl called Jane.

3. Justin Timberlake

Justin and Britney Spears’ young love became an overnight sensation and their teenaged fans hoped they had a happy ending. Unfortunately they didn’t and so heartbroken was Timberlake that he apparently wrote the popular heartbreak anthem, ‘Cry me a river’, based on his feelings for Britney.

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