Eat These 7 Foods To Lose Weight In Summer

We do not feel very hungry during summers like we do in other seasons and so we naturally eat less. The important thing is to eat right, even though you eat less in Summer. We give you a list of seven such foods to eat that will help you to lose weight in summers. kudlajana kudlajana

1. Watermelon helps you reduce weight

One of the most refreshing fruits for summer, watermelon also happens to be very low on calories. It is juicy and perfectly suits your taste buds, when you are looking for a sweet snack that will not show on your belly. CMSeter CMSeter

2. Grilled vegetables help you in reducing weight

Grilling does not damage the food nutrition quotient. In fact, it enhances the taste. You can accumulate all the veggies you like and grill them with some olive oil and they will make for a perfect low fat tasty and crunchy snack. They can also be stuffed into a sandwich, if you like it a little heavy. lockstockb lockstockb

3. Grilled chicken breasts are low in calories

Chicken breasts are something that you can substitute for the highly fattening hamburgers. Besides, it would be boring to survive on salads and bland food every day. So, chicken breasts are a tasty meal that are not very high on calories and light on your stomach too. squidonius squidonius

4. Cold soups fill your stomach to the brim

A lot of summer vegetables can be used to make cold soups. They are nutritious and light and yet very filling too. You can also experiment with the flavors that you like. arinas74 arinas74

5. Shrimps are also low in calories

Shrimps are extremely low on calories and high on protein. Thus, they help in satiating your hunger, without filling you with too many calories. You can marinate them with some spices that you like or simply grill them. Anyhow, they make for a good low fat munch. lockstockb lockstockb

6. Strawberries are also not high on calories

Strawberries are ideal for use in most desserts but surprisingly, even if they are had just as a fruit, they are not very fatty and cater to your sweet cravings. They can also be blended with some ice and yogurt to make good smoothies for summer.

sxc,hu: johnnyberg

sxc,hu: johnnyberg

7. Orange smoothies can make your day

Just blend in some frozen vanilla yogurt along with some orange juice and it will make for a blissful indulgence, without too much fat. But do not go overboard with it!

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Summers can be enjoyed with some tasty food without having to worry too much about your weight. Just go ahead with these foods and you can have a wonderful summer, without the calories!

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