Top 5 Facts About Deep Cleansing Your Skin With Steam

Top 5 Facts About Deep Cleansing Your Skin With Steam

We all know how good it feels after a quick steaming session to rejuvenate facial skin. But how does it work? Why does the skin feel like that of a baby – supple and soft? Let’s find out with these 5 facts about deep cleansing with steam.

1. Steaming improves blood circulation

Steaming, whether it is from an electrical steaming pot or a kitchen utensil or the sauna at the gym, provides heat and warmth to the skin. It improves blood circulation and we all know what that does – detoxify the skin by increasing the flow and removing toxins. No wonder we feel so calm and relaxed just after 15 minutes of steaming.

2. Steaming loosens the debris

How do you think steaming attacks the pores of the skin? Well it loosens the debris, dirt and other particles that may be embedded in your skin. The fact is that when you deep cleanse your skin by steaming, it widens the pores. So before you say goodbye to the impurities, makeup and dirt, remember that steaming will not magically remove everything. It will only make it loose and also remove some with perspiration. But the key here is to use a moist towel after the steaming session to give your warm skin a final dab to remove all the debris. Many salon experts recommend splashing cold water after a steaming session but be warned, that will steal the extra supple and relaxed feeling that the skin gets.

3. Steaming improves moisture levels – but you still need to rehydrate

You don’t need to be a scientist to know that when steam touches your skin, it cools off and turns into water. This process hydrates the skin and improves moisture levels. But have you thought of what happens next? When you deep cleanse your skin by steam, the skin warms up and perspires. While this temporarily boosts moisture levels to leave the skin tender and soft, it also means that you end up losing hydration due to sweating and perspiration that follows. How do you battle this? Experts suggest that you have a glass of water after a steam cleansing session. And if you have extra dry skin, you may want to try and dab on a gentle moisturizer after 10-15 minutes of cleansing.

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