How to Look Like Penelope Cruz

How to Look Like Penelope Cruz

There are just two words that aptly describe Penelope Cruz Sanchez, “Superbly Gorgeous!” Movie after movie, she has proved that she can look good in any role and outfit. What stands out is her natural beauty, her easy charming style and her finesse in acting. So it’s obvious that all the women out there want to look like this Spanish beauty, who has swept everyone’s heart away with her superb talent in acting and her almost flawless looks and charming beauty. But how can you look as gorgeous as Penelope Cruz? Here are some tips to help you look like Penelope Cruz.

1. Apply light natural makeup

Penelope is known for her light makeup. You never get the feeling that she has overdone it. It’s always subtle, yet stylish enough to make an impression. So the best way to look like her is to keep it simple and natural. The real magic is using the makeup in such a way that it looks “natural”. She always wears this perfect lipstick that really highlights her lips in the best possible manner. Go for a shade which is neither excessively glossy nor too matte. That’s how Penelope brings in the subtlety by keeping the lipstick between these two. So choose the same.

2. Highlight your eyes

The striking thing about Penelope are her bright eyes. Those big eyes make people skip a beat. So remember that while you try to look like her. With the right use of makeup, you can highlight your eyes so that they stand out like Penelope and impress people.

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