Top 7 Tips To Protect Your Computer From Viruses

Top 7 Tips To Protect Your Computer From Viruses

In this day and age, it is absolutely essential to protect your computer against a virus. With credit card information being exchanged online, important data on your hard drive, confidential emails in your account, as well as personal data that you would like to preserve, a virus is literally a messiah of doom. To protect your computer against virus, follow the tips mentioned below.

1. Install an antivirus software

Make sure you have at least one trustworthy antivirus software installed. You can choose from free softwares available online, or purchase one. Make sure that you check out the reviews, and ensure that the software has not expired.

2. Use your anti-virus software

Just installing one won’t do. Configure it so that it scans your system regularly on its own. Also, enable automatic update option so that newer versions are installed on your system. This will ensure protection against newly discovered viruses.

3. Be smart when surfing online

If an email seems fake (like the one offering you a million dollars) or a link seems fraudulent, do not click on it. If it involves a transaction, double check by contacting the concerned authorities. Enable “https – secure browsing” on as many sites as possible. If your anti-virus software warns you about a website, do not open it.

4. Scan any external media before accessing it

Never open a USB Drive, external hard drive, or even a DVD before running an anti-virus scan over it. Most of the times, viruses are transferred through such media.

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