6 Color Trends for 2013

6 Color Trends for 2013

The fashion world keeps changing at a fast pace, and to look in style all the time, you have got to keep track of what’s in and what isn’t. These 6 new colors that have burst onto the international fashion scene in a big way are sure to make you look trendy and hip. Flaunt the new trends that the new year has brought along.

1. Nectarine

Wearing this exciting shade will not only make you stand out, but will also make you appear fashionable chic. Even a pop of nectarine in the form of a clutch, earrings or pendant, makes the whole outfit come alive.

2. Monaco blue

Royalty has never looked as cool as Monaco blue. Look like a true blue blooded princess in this color that makes the wearer look classy and radiates elegance. Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, has been spotted in this color quite a few times.

3. Emerald green

If bottle green was the color of 2012, emerald green has taken center stage in the new year. and is the new in shade of green for a an evening out at a party, dinner or function. The sparkling jewel tone makes the wearer look like a movie star. Just keep the jewelry minimal as this shade already is of shiny material.

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