How To Let Go Of Ego To Have A Successful Relationship?

How To Let Go Of Ego To Have A Successful Relationship?

Ego with the big ‘E’ is the main culprit for spoiling many relationships. If you realize that your ego is standing between you and your loved one, then you need to get rid of it without any second thoughts. You need to accept the fact that ego is actually a vice that feeds on your desire for getting things done your way. In order to have a successful relationship, you need to let go of your ego and put in your best to strengthen your bond with your partner. Here are simple ways how you can go about it.


Your ego may prevent you from apologizing before your loved one, or expressing your deep love or even buying that expensive suit for him. Just think for a moment, what are your priorities? Is it happiness and trust of your loved one, or the three-letter word ‘ego’, which disrupts your peace of mind?
Needless to say, ego is of no good and doesn’t bring any positivity in to a relationship. Going out of your way to make your loved one happy is what fosters a strong relationship and don’t let something as insignificant as a burst of self-ego stop you from doing that.

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  1. Troublesome says:

    I have this problem with my Ego but the more he points it out the more defensive I get. I don’t do good with apologies and I know I act very selfish sometimes but I can’t accept that to him because it will prove me wrong!. I love him but I just can’t be apologizing for everything I do, what should I do?

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