How To Handle A Fight With Your Partner In Public?

How To Handle A Fight With Your Partner In Public?

Well, the first rule is, don’t get into a fight in public. But, there are times when you can’t avoid it, you’d say. Imagine, you are in a grand and crowded shopping mall with your partner. There is a lovely lace gown that you want to buy. However your partner claims that you buy such expensive dresses only to keep them locked up in the wardrobe. Obviously, you get pissed at such an atrocious blame, even though it may have a hint of truth to it. The immediate reaction from you will be to counter attack your partner with a verbal argument. However, it really is not a sensible thing to do. So, how do you handle a fight with your partner in public? Read ahead and find out.

Do not verbalize the argument

When in public, refrain from getting into any kind of fight, no matter how provoked you are. It may give you momentary satisfaction to unleash your anger in the form of an argument, but the embarrassment that it brings you later is not really worth it. The raised voices will surely attract attention and provide entertainment to other shoppers. Do you really want to be the hot conversational topic (actually, gossip) of these onlookers?

Use expressions to convey anger

When there is a near argument situation in a public area, what do you do? Express your disagreement with an angry stare. Do no overdo it. Show it just enough to let your partner know that there is an argument waiting for him as soon as you step into the house.
Do not ask for his opinions on any more shopping matters until you settle the ‘lacy gown issue’. Ignore his comments and when he asks for your opinion on a shirt which he thinks will make him look sexy, give him a perfect answer to match his earlier blame. It can be something like “It’s nice but I highly doubt if it will make YOU look sexy.” Add an extra emphasis on the word ‘you’.

Such small actions and sarcastic responses might make you feel marginally better. This will help you hold your temper in check until you are in the confinement of your house where you can fight all you want. So, there you go. Next time you are in public, do not fight! Instead, be the levelheaded one and take the argument home.

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