10 Tips to Make Thin Hair Thicker

Tips to Make Thin Hair Tthicker

Even with millions of hair products and hair tips available in the market, we cannot change the fact that hair just grows by an inch every month. To sport a thicker mane we need to look deeper into our lifestyle and eliminate any toxic activities that cause stress and worry. That and these few easy tricks will go a long way in making your hair thicker, shinier and healthier.
1. Include flaxseed oil in your diet. Flaxseeds are a rich source of Omega 3 that improve your hair quality.
2. Add essential oils such as geranium, cedarwood to castor oil, coconut oil or olive and apply it to your hair twice a week.
3. Nutrition plays a key role in determining the thickness of your hair follicles. Go for protein rich diet- green leafy vegetables, sprouts, lentils, spinach and whole grains pack in some essential goodness for healthy hair growth.
4. Drink coconut water and green tea every day. Keep your body hydrated by drinking enough water. Also, munch on walnuts, grape seeds and almonds during your snack time.
5. Do not wear tight pony tails and avoid hairstyles that pull your hair from its root. Say no to tight clips, rubber bands and hair accessories.
6. Apply volumizing shampoos and conditioners. Post wash, apply a little Moroccan Argan hair oil to your damp hair.
7. Trim your hair regularly from a good hairdresser to snip off split ends.
8. Avoid hair styling products like hair dryers, curlers, flat irons etc. They damage your cuticles leaving your hair more brittle. While blow drying your hair, flip your hair upside town and set the range to minimum heat.
9. Nourish your hair regularly with jojoba oil, olive oil, coconut oil or tea tree oil. Hot oil treatments further improve your hair quality. Regular use of olive oil gives your mane a lustrous shine.
10. Injecting keratin into your hair, strengthens your hair and gives it a thick healthy look.

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