7 Reasons Why Facebook is Better then Twitter

7 Reasons Why Facebook is Better then Twitter

People often debate on the famous topic of ‘what is better Facebook or Twitter’? Well, some believe that Twitter is better because of updates. But, there is a large group of people who say that Facebook is any time better than Twitter. Well, here are some reasons why Facebook is probably better.

1. On the same page

When you log in to your Facebook profile, everything is on the same page. From posts to pictures, you don’t have to navigate different pages for updates. This is not the case with Twitter. The main page of twitter has different tweets from people you follow and the top trends. When you click on the hash tag you would get the information. So, Facebook is much better with this respect.

2. Causes and groups

In Facebook, you have a simple option to create an account and use the same account for your groups and causes. Like, if you have just started your business, then you don’t need to create a different account for your group or page. One ID and you are sorted. In Twitter, you need to create different accounts for different purposes. So, Facebook is flexible as compared to twitter.

3. Stay connected

The biggest advantage of Facebook is the chat option, unlike Twitter. Facebook lets you chat with your friends and family at any given time with instant messaging option which is at right hand corner of your home page. There is no option of instant chatting in twitter. Twitter just lets you tweet, while you have to wait for a reply from your friends or followers.

4. Lots of applications

Facebook has lots of games and applications. You must have received end number of requests for candy crush or other saga games. You can never get bored on Facebook because of these applications and games. Something or the other will keep you occupied on the page. There are no added features like games and applications on twitter. It’s just restricted to tweeting.

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