How to Get Rid of Superiority Complex?

How to Get Rid of Superiority Complex?

If you have a very high opinion of yourself and believe that you are better than others in almost everything in life, you are suffering from superiority complex. People with superiority complex think that they are geniuses and everybody else is a fool. This exaggerated high estimation of oneself renders these people extremely haughty and egotistical and they think that there is nothing in the world they cannot do. Listed below are four effective steps which you need to follow in order to get rid of superiority complex.

1. Do not take appreciation seriously

It is a very good thing to be appreciated but truth is, it really does not make you any better than what you already are. Apart from motivation, the purpose of appreciation is only to let you know that people acknowledge your qualities. But if you feel elated every time someone appreciates you and each time you reach cloud nine, you should stop taking appreciation seriously. You are good and you know it. Big deal if someone appreciated you! Just say “Thank you” and move on. Don’t fantasize about it.

2. Avoid judging everybody

It is likely that you will have an opinion about everybody. Everybody has! But you need not state about what you think about a certain person, thing or situation even when no one is asking. You need to control your feedbacks which people might not want to hear at all times. If you find yourself in a situation where you are tempted to speak out your opinion, pause and think whether it is absolutely essential or people could do without it. Stop judging people as even if you might find somebody repulsive or endearing, other people might have a different opinion and you may end up hurting somebody’s sentiments. Keep in mind, whether you like/not like someone really does not matter to anybody else.

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