How to Deal With a Divorce When You Still Love Him? 5 Tips

How to Deal With a Divorce When You Still Love Him? 5 Tips

Separation is the worst outcome that you could expect from a relationship. If you are about to divorce your husband, and you realize that you still love him, you need to focus on the bigger picture and not base your decision only on impulse. You may still be in love with the man you married, but there must have been many other factors that led you to take this disastrous decision of separation. Thus, even if you feel vulnerable and think that your feelings might get the better of you, follow these effective tips in order to handle it more efficiently and not give in to your emotions.

1. Think long term

When you divorce your husband, you take into consideration all aspects of your life that will get affected by it. You may love your husband now, but think about all other aspects that have contributed to the decision of divorce and estimate whether in the long run, keeping this marriage alive will in any way be fruitful, and most importantly, whether it will keep you happy and content. Remember that at the end of the day, you will want a happy and successful life and nothing else should come in its way. So even if the decision is difficult, if you find that in the long run, it is beneficial for you, go ahead with it and handling the divorce will become more bearable.

2. Seek your own happiness

If you worry about things like what people/society will say, or what your image will be like, remember that no one in this world has any time or energy to focus their attention on you and invest time to slander you – it might provide them with material for gossip, but in the end, it is your life and they have nothing to do with it. So even if you still love him, remember that by keeping the relationship alive, you are not doing anybody a favor. But you must consider whether you will end up happy or not. Thus, seek your own happiness and taking a decision will become easier.

3. Do not blame yourself

Stop blaming yourself for the divorce because ‘One hand can’t clap’. A divorce comes as a consequence of the actions and decisions of both the parties. Just because you still think that you love him, you should not be the one to step back thinking you are responsible.If in the future things go ugly, you will not be able to forgive yourself for not taking the right decision when you had an opportunity. Thus, instead of blaming yourself for the outcome, go ahead with the harsh decision of a divorce and move on with life.

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