5 Qualities Men Find Irresistible in a Woman

5 Qualities Men Find Irresistible in a Woman

Female qualities are not just about the beauty and the beast. Men do look for more than just vitals and are more concerned with what goes on in their head and if they are a compatible person to be with. What she likes and what she does not like and how do I know if she is the one for me. Here are 5 female qualities that men find absolutely irresistible.

1. Taking time to get impressed

Guys easily understand by a girl’s behavior and reaction that she is getting impressed by him or not. Girls usually get impressed easily and start giving attention if a good looking guy speaks to her. But when girls act calm and don’t get impressed easily, guys find this quality irresistible and they try to attract the girl and give her attention.

2. Being sure and confident

The way a woman carries herself; her body language and her confidence are the things that a guy would notice. A man always finds a woman irresistible who is confident and who feels good about herself.

3. Good sense of humor

A good sense of humor in a woman really attracts men, it’s not only about cracking jokes, it’s also about understanding the joke and the humor in it. This quality really impresses men. And men do not want just really flimsy jokes. Even if it’s good sense of humor, it should make the company delightful and fun. They don’t prefer brooding and complaining women!

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