8 Ways to Cope With Frenemies

Ways to Cope With Frenemies

Frenemies are a tricky business. They can be very volatile while dealings with people, when you least expect it, they will pull you down or stab you in the back. Here are 8 ways to cope with your frenemies.

1. Don’t tell them your secrets

Frenemies are not reliable. They don’t deserve your trust. If you don’t wish to completely cut them off. It’s safe to not discuss your family affairs, disclose a secret relationship or share relationship problems in confidence. She will out you and you would have things flying about you.

2. Don’t make too many plans

Don’t make too many plans which involve you planning and organizing, paying money or booking accommodation. For all you know, you will keep calling, miss a flight and lose out on lot of money. Frenemies can desert you when something better comes up. They will back out at the last minute and you will end up in a soup.

3. Don’t go shopping with them

If you have issues with your body image they could make you feel miserable by commenting, making remarks and criticizing everything you like.

4.Don’t help them with work or study

Such friends only seek your company when they need something like help with notes, material for study for a course or an exam if they need professional help.

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