6 Signs You Are Emo

Signs You Are Emo

Emo has several connotations which has evolved through the time. Many people have a one dimensional approach towards what they qualify as “emo-behavior”. However, it’s not necessary so. Although many consider calling a person emo as a device of ridiculing the person, there is much more to it. If you are an emo, you are quite likely to see the evidence. Here are 5 signs that suggest that you are an emo.

1. Love emo genre music

If you love hardcore punk music that deals with less of the outside and makes people turn inwards, reflect and deal with their pain and suffering, then you could be an emo. You like music that is emotionally charged and conveys negative emotions and feelings.

2. Depressed and emotionally weak

Emo people tend to be depressed and see very little positivity in the gift of life. The outlook is more pessimistic and grounded in negative emotional attributes. It is believed that emos are emotionally vulnerable, and hence experience flurry of emotions which they need to express or in a sense vent out.

3. Fashion and sense of style

It could be a possible stereotype but if you are an emo, you are possibly dressing like one. Music and fashion are closely connected. You like wearing tight jeans, mostly black attire with black painted nails and metal accessories and also like to apply dark shades of makeup. The hair do is whacky with wild colors like pink, green or blue. It gives a very gothic kind of appearance.

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