How To Build A Good Relationship With Your Kid’s Teacher?

How To Build A Good Relationship With Your Kid's Teacher?

It’s very important as a mother to maintain a great relationship with your child’s teacher. The reason behind it is your child spends reasonable amount of time in his/her school, and that there it’s the teacher, who takes your place. A teacher updates you with your child’s behavior, and the several changes she sees in him/her. Hence, a communication bridge should always be maintained and taken care of between the two of you. She is the first and the best source to let you know if there are any changes or developments in your child. Let’s go through these simple suggestions that will help you create a strong relationship with your child’s teacher.

1. Use a mode of communication

Place a notebook in your child’s book bag. Use this as a communication vehicle between you and your child’s teacher. Most of the schools maintain a school organizer, so maintain it.

2. Have a frank discussion

Contact your child’s teacher during the first two weeks of school to determine the homework policy, expectations and opportunities regarding parental involvement in classroom activities, and recommendations for learning activities at home. Also establish two-way communication methods, let them know the best way to reach you, and find out how they prefer to be contacted.

3. Prepare a questionnaire

Generate a list of questions to ask your child’s teacher at the first parent teacher conference. Include questions regarding what your child should be learning, what his/her best subjects are, what do their test scores indicate about their learning, and whether he/she is completing assignments.

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