Top 5 Tips On How To Host A Meeting

Top 5 Tips On How To Host A Meeting

Meetings are an inevitable part of everyone’s professional life. Whether you are hosting one, or simply attending one, you would expect to gain something from the meeting. In order to host a good meeting, which does not leave people frustrated because their time was wasted, follow the tips mentioned below.

1. Give sufficient notice

It is essential that you send a meeting request to all the attendees well ahead of time; at least one week before the day on which you want to hold the meeting. This gives everyone ample of time to plan their schedule and attend the meeting without fail.

2. Prepare an agenda

Simply gathering around a desk with no pre-defined agenda is sure to cost everyone some valuable time. So, along with the meeting request, send an overview about the meeting if possible. Make an agenda of the topics that will be discussed in the meeting and share that with all the people who are invited to meeting. This way, the participants will know what to expect.

3. Minutes of meeting

Ask a coworker to take minutes of meeting with the details about action items that need to be taken care of. Mention an expected closing date and the person responsible for each action item. Circulate this in the form of a document once the meeting is over to all the participants. If there is a follow up meeting next time, carry the printout of this document and you will have no glitches in conducting the follow up meeting.

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