6 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Diet

6 Reasons why You Shouldn't Diet

‘Dieting’, the word sounds almost musical to people struggling with their growing bellies. It might seem to be the liberation from excess fat on your body. Well, it totally isn’t. Dieting is not the road you would want to take to an attractive body. Here’s why you shouldn’t diet.

1. Deprives you of nutrition

Dieting may or may not give you that perfect figure but it’s definitely going to oust the nutrition from your body. Dieting leaves your body craving for proper nutrition. You need proof? A dull skin, white spots on your face, weakened immunity and more.

2. Deprives you of essential fats

You have decided to follow XYZ diet which a famous physician has devised. It is low in fats and contains just the right amount of nutrients essential for your body. But the fact is that fats, which we all resent, are actually necessary for a well functioning body. Fats are required by the body to absorb nutrition from other food items we consume, like fruits and veggies.

3. Makes you feel low

While on a diet, you’re most likely to feel a lack of energy in your body. You’ll start feeling tired more often and unable to run around to do chores as speedily as you could earlier.

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