5 Ideas on How to Make Him Your Boyfriend

5 Ideas on How to Make Him Your Boyfriend

So, you have known this guy at college or work, for quite some time now. He has become your friend but you want things to move to the next level, and wish he was your boyfriend. You are confused about how he feels but are kind of sure that the admiration is mutual. Consider your task half-done, if that is the case. Here is a list of handy tips you can use to make him your boyfriend.

1. Take active interest to know him better

This can be quite easy, if this guy is your friend. If not, you will have to approach a common friend or befriend one of his friends who is willing to share some relevant information about this guy’s likes, dislikes and interests. You can also request this friend to informally introduce you to this guy you are keen on dating.

2. Strike good conversations

Make it a point to strike a good conversation whenever both of you are together, whether in a group or alone. Choose interesting topics, and make sure you include few relevant ones of his choice.

3. Indulge in a bit of flirting

There is no better way to let a guy know of your interest in him than flirting with him. Flirt around a bit every now and then, giving him hints of how you feel.

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