8 Reasons You Overeat

8 Reasons You Overeat

If feeling uncomfortable and still hungry after having proper full-fledged meals has become a regular feature for you, then it’s time to get healthy. With the kind of busy life you lead, your natural body clock always goes for a toss. Sometimes, you eat much later than the actual mealtime, while at other times you don’t eat at all and skip a meal. That knocks out your healthy eating habits completely, and a lot of times this leads to overeating.

Overeating is extremely unhealthy and can cause you many health complications in the long run, along with the much-dreaded problem of obesity. Hence, it is always important to have a check on your eating habits. There are many reasons why you overeat. Check them out over here.

1. Because you skip breakfast

Like they say, eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a minister and dinner like a beggar. This phrase is truly applicable for leading a healthy lifestyle. Even doctors suggest eating heavy breakfast before starting off your day. If you skip your breakfast, then there is a high chance of overeating during lunch. This can bring an imbalance in your body, thus affecting your health badly.

2. Because you use big plates and bowls

Avoid using large plates and bowls while having meals. There is a tendency to eat much more that you usually do, because you serve more, and then consume more in order to finish off whatever is left on the plate. Hence, it is always recommended to take smaller plates and eat in moderation. Even while you are cooking, always keep measuring cups and spoons to make proper serving sizes so that your food does not go waste.

3. Because you watch TV while you eat

Never be hooked to your television screen or even your computer while you are eating your meals. You should always give 100% attention while you are having your food. This will help you in averting excessive serving on your plate, and also enjoy and savor your meals properly. You will chew food properly and get signals from your body when your stomach is full.

4. Because you eat to please your partner

Many times, you just eat to oblige your partner and make them happy. What you don’t realize is that you are overeating at the same time. If your partner insists that you eat more with him, then make him understand that your appetite has finished and that you can’t eat more.

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