6 Important Reasons to have Your Child Vaccinated

Important Reasons to have Your Child Vaccinated

is a must for every child that is born. Although a lot of diseases have been eradicated, there are still resurgences and new super viruses coming up every day because of the overuse of antibiotics and other environmental reasons. As soon as your child is born, your physician will give you a list of vaccinations that your child must get at regular intervals. It is very important that you stick to this schedule and not miss one vaccination as it can save your child from a lot of things. Here are some more important reasons to have your child vaccinated.

1. Immunizations and vaccinations save your kid’s life

Because of the regular vaccinations and advances in medical sciences doctors and scientists have made sure that your child is protected from more diseases than ever before. An important example of this is polio. Polio is now extinct in the US thanks largely to an effective immunization and vaccination program.

2. Vaccination is very safe and effective and prevention is always better then cure

Vaccines have come into the market only after a long and elaborate process of study and tests to see their safety and effectiveness. Although there would be a reaction like rashes and a slight fever after the vaccination, serious or life threatening allergies are very rare. And prevention against life threatening diseases or disabilities is better than enduring a life of misery.

3. Vaccinations are better for your household finances as well as the country’s economy

When you prevent a disease by vaccination and immunization, it means you are securing your future from diseases as well as spending a lot of money on treating it. It not only helps you save money but also helps the economy as the state does not have to spend a whooping amount on treating these diseases.

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