How to Attract a Guy Who is Already Seeing Someone?

How to Attract a Guy Who is Already Seeing Someone?

How difficult it is when you start liking a guy who already has a girl beside him? Indeed it is difficult but not impossible to attract him towards you. Girls, it’s time you don’t lose hope when you fall for a guy who is already seeing someone. Check out the tips mentioned here and find how to attract a guy who is already seeing someone.

1. Try and stick around him

Plan a hangout with a group of common friends. Keep in touch with him. That surely doesn’t mean you keep irritating or nagging him all the time. Social networking is a great help in this case. Keep the conversations short and cool. Wait for him to respond back to you; initiate in case you don’t hear from him.

2. Be natural, be yourself

This is the most important thing to be kept in mind. Don’t try to compete with the girl he’s dating in terms of looks and dressing. Follow your own sense of style. Be original. Don’t put in extra efforts just for the sake of showing off to him. Seriously, guys hate that.

3. Don’t seem desperate

Talk to him in a way that doesn’t make you sound desperate. Talk in a sensible manner and pay attention to what topics you discuss with him. Be a good listener and don’t just speak your heart out; it can prove to be a big turn off for him.

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