9 Things Guys Like to Do

9 Things Guys Like to Do

Just like us girls, guys too have their own tastes about different things. Though it is nearly impossible to list all the things that they love to do in their routine, there are some which are worth listing. Listed here are some things guys like to do.

1. Consume alcohol

No matter how well a guy acts like a mamma’s good boy, he will forever have the temptation to drink. And so is the case with all the guys. Sometimes they need a reason to drink, at many times they don’t even need one.

2. Have junk food

It’s not that we girls are the only ones on the planet who crave for junk food. Guys too long for pizzas, burgers and other junk foods. Whenever they go to a restaurant, most of them have a tendency to first look at the starters or the junk food that is mentioned on the menu card.

3. Watch sports highlights

They find the highlights of sports like football, baseball and other games especially interesting. Though their first priority is to watch the match live, they like to watch the highlights even if they have seen the match before.

4. Surf the Internet

Internet, being the biggest source of information and entertainment, is very popular among guys. Hence, they tend to spend their free time on social networking sites or gaming zones online.

5. Play video games

Video games are not just popular among the kids, but also among the guys. They’re so keen on playing video games that they might even forget their girlfriends.

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