4 Home Remedies for Facial Hair

Home Remedies for Facial Hair

Facial hair on women is not a pretty sight or so we have been told for a long time. Or if one has to take the recent Veet advert seriously one would be lead to believe that facial hair and other hair on your body makes you just plain masculine. Owing to the societal pressure some of us have to maintain a shiny smooth exterior and there is no other way than to remove the unwanted facial hair lest we be called hirsute. Going for laser treatments isn’t an option for many and even though they claim it is a permanent solution, it is not all the time. If you are someone who doesn’t want to opt for a laser treatment or go to the salon frequently, here are some home remedies that would help you remove that ghastly facial hair.

1. Make a homemade wax

You can make a homemade wax that is less painful. You need to take a bit of sugar, lemon juice and water and heat it until it is warm enough to apply on your face. Leave it on your face and remove it using strips of clean cloth. This is natural and does not give you any allergic reactions. Just make sure that the cloth you use to strip off the solution off your face is clean.

2. A mix of corn flour, sugar and lemon

This is another homemade portion that can help you with removing the fine hair on your face. Mix corn flour, sugar and lemon, apply it and leave it on. Just before it dries, rub your face vigorously in the opposite side of the hair growth. This is effective in removing the fine hair if you keep doing it regularly.

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