13 Interesting Facts About Kate Winslet

 Interesting Facts About Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet is a renowned face in Hollywood. She has many hit movies and albums to her credit. Kate has won many awards and rewards for her acting ability. She is also admired for her beauty all over the world. Listed below are some interesting facts about Kate Winslet.

1. Kate started her acting career at a very young age. She was just seven when she worked in British plays. She was flawless even then as she is now. Her acting skills have also won her lots of accolades at the theater.

2. Like most Hollywood actresses, Kate also began her career by acting in a television series. Before she bagged a plum role in her first movie, she acted in a television series, ‘Get back’. Since then, there was no looking back for Kate.

3. Kate does not believe in trends. That is the only reason why she did not follow the size zero trend. According to her, size zero is not attractive at all. She even quoted that it is good to be healthy.

4. Do you know about a shocking revelation made by Kate? This was when she was shooting for the movie ‘Titanic’. She had quoted that kissing Leonardo, who was her co-star, made her felt like kissing her own brother. That was indeed something weird.

5. Kate is also a good singer. Her debut single ‘What If’ from the album ‘Christmas Carol: The Movie’ was a huge hit. She has sung many songs in her career as a singer; some were noticed while some went unnoticed.

6. In the year 2003, she married Sam Mendes. But, the wedding was such a quiet affair that it was attended by only three people. Her daughter Mia was also present at her wedding.

7. Do you know that Kate missed the premier of the movie ‘Titanic’? She had a very true reason behind it. She attended the funeral of her first boyfriend Steffen Tredre. Oh! That was surely a hard time for her.

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