5 Things to Do After You Get Laid Off

5 Things to Do After You Get Laid Off

It is the most dreaded moment in any working person’s life. Downsizing and the resulting layoffs are a constant scare and are like the sword of Damocles over your head. It is especially distressing when you do not have enough savings and live a hand to mouth existence and are dependent on your monthly paycheck to make ends meet. Feelings of despair, depression and panic are quite common, but the need is to overcome it and do certain things to get back on track. Here are a few things you can do after you get laid off that would make you feel safer and less panicky.

1. Do not Panic

It is almost impossible to not panic as much as it is impossible to not think of what would happen to you. Panicking does not help you in anyway. It adds to your stress and mostly leads you into making some very stupid decisions. Getting laid off is not the end of the world, it happens to a lot of people and they have somehow survived. So stop panicking.

2. Think clearly

Instead of focusing on the negatives of not having a job, think of what you can do to get another job. Dust up your old contacts, update your resume and put it out there as much as possible. Make a plan on how to get a job, create a timeline and stick to it. Making plans and keeping up with them keeps you motivated.

3. Let go of your ego

When you have been laid off and looking for something else, you may not immediately get something similar to your old job. In case you get something that pays less or is a little down the hierarchy, take it. It is easier to explain a different role or a pay cut than not working for a long period of time.

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