Top 5 Pumpkin Decorating Ideas For Halloween

Top 5 Pumpkin Decorating Ideas For Halloween

Halloween is round the corner and you’re all set to make the most of it. Your Halloween costume might be ready and other preparations might be on the way. But, have you decided how you’re going to decorate pumpkins this year? We know it must be hard for you to come up with some time to actually think of innovative pumpkin decorating ideas. Plus, you want your pumpkin decorating job to be a no frills activity. Right? That is why, we’ve mentioned below a list of pumpkin decorating ideas that consume less time and make those Halloween pumpkins look their best!

1. Halloween special vase

Decorate your living room by keeping a Halloween special vase right above the hearth. For this vase, you’ll need a fairly big pumpkin whose top you need to cut off and pull out the innards. Now, color the pumpkin with a matte black color spray paint and let it dry. Once that is done, scrape out some paint from its skin in order to create stars, spirals, moon and other innovative designs. Put water inside the pumpkin and then insert fall special flowers inside it. You can even place a smaller pumpkin, with a crescent moon carved on it, near this vase.

2. Scary pumpkin creatures

These creatures are the easiest ones to make. Take varied sizes of pumpkins and a permanent marker. Now paint spooky eyes, ghostly nose and eerie lips on these pumpkins. A whole clan of ghosts is ready! If your painting skills are not quite up to the mark, you may first begin with a washable marker so that you may wipe out any inconsistencies. Once that is done, bold the outline with a permanent marker.

3. Votive candle holders

So, your family is gathering at your place for a Halloween feast and you wish to decorate the dining table in an innovative manner. Why not take inspiration from our idea of votive candle holders made especially for Halloween? For this, you’d need tiny pumpkins whose stem you need to pull out and place a candle in its place. You may use candles of varying sizes depending on the depression created inside each pumpkin. Cover the candles with elegant hurricane glass shades. If you’re planning a candlelight dinner with your partner, this one is the best option.

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