5 Common Beauty Mistakes Most Women Commit And Ways To Avoid Them

5 Common Beauty Mistakes Most Women Commit And Ways To Avoid Them

We all talk about getting beauty tips, beauty advice and expert opinion on what could make us women more beautiful. But have you considered that all of this could go for a toss if you had no clue about a few critical beauty mistakes you might be making? Well girls, it’s time to break those dead beauty habits and move towards a more beautiful you. Take a look at these beauty mistakes and their solutions.

Mistake #1: Sleeping with your makeup on

“A stupid beauty mistake that I used to make a few years back was to sleep with my makeup on”, said Carla, 25. “Only later did I get to know that because of this my skin was not able to breathe, exfoliate and regenerate new cells overnight”, she added. Friends, this common beauty mistake might also lead to more toxins being sucked by your skin.

Solution: Remember to clean your makeup with a little dab of moisturizer on a cotton ball.

Mistake #2: Using too much shimmer

“Yes, there was a time when shimmer was the in thing”, confessed Eva, 30. “But now, it would probably only look good on Lady Gaga!”, she joked. What Eva is trying to tell us is that shimmer on any part of your body can go wrong if sprinkled in more than recommended amounts.

Solution: If you want shine in the form of makeup, use a gloss based or shimmer based foundation, so that the shine is not too in-your-eyes.

Mistake #3: Not cleaning up your makeup kit

“Why don’t women understand that not cleaning makeup tools is the worst beauty mistake that they can make? Beauty is not just about applying grease paint on your face and looking beautiful”, said Julianne. Did you know that committing this beauty mistake could lead to a breakout of acne or bacteria on your face?

Solution: Don’t simply run your makeup brushes and other tools under the tap. There are special cleansers available to clean them. And for electronic makeup equipment, refer to their manuals to check their cleaning procedures.

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