How To Look Like A Beauty Queen

How To Look Like A Beauty Queen

Are you fascinated by the beauty of queens? Well, it is next to impossible to be a queen but it is possible to look like one. You heard that right! With the right beauty and makeup tricks, you can also look like a beauty queen. Read on to know more on this.

1. Use a cleanser

Before starting your makeup, cleanse your skin with a good cleanser. Use an exfoliating cleanser so that it helps to remove all the unwanted dust from your skin. The idea is to make your skin shine in the most natural way. Cleanser will also help to even out your skin tone so that your skin shines naturally.

2. Use a liquid foundation

To get that natural glow on your skin, use a liquid foundation for your makeup. Use a tone that ideally matches up your skin tone or is a shade lighter than your skin. Apply the foundation with gentle strokes on your face and your neck. Use air brush technique to get the right finish and touch for your foundation. This will help to make your skin look flawless.

3. Use a good concealer

It is important to use a good concealer for your face. But, use a shade lighter than your foundation. Use a brush and gently apply it all over your face where you see visible spots. Also, apply the concealer under your eyes to hide your black spots or under eye circles if any. Use a concealer which suits your skin.

4. Use a loose powder

Complete your beauty makeup by using a loose powder on your face. This is to enhance your face to make it look brighter. Choose a same color or a shade darker. For beauty queen makeup, the ideal shade would be bronze. Apply it around your cheek bones to make your face look brighter. This would really help to define your look. Complete the look by applying a bronzer.

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