Health Risks Of Smoking

Health Risks Of Smoking

‘Never give up giving up’ is what the ad campaigns say, and we agree completely. We are talking about smoking, which is directly or indirectly responsible for killing hundreds of thousands of people every year across the globe. What you will read is going to be a no-nonsense approach to inform you about the dangers of smoking.

As a smoker, you will want to read this to empower yourself with knowledge about the dangers of smoking. This will help you in giving up cigarettes.

As a non-smoker, you will want to read this to know more about the dangers of smoking so you can educate others who smoke.

One of the most eye opening dangers of smoking is the reduction in the average life span of a smoker. On an average, female smokers tend to lose out on about 14 years of life because of smoking. Do you really want to miss living these precious years? Just because of a puff habit?

Do you experience regular coughing and feel ‘short of breath’ often? Don’t mistake this for bouts of common cold. As a smoker, you may be facing the risk of chronic pulmonary disease. This danger of smoking exposes you to risks of permanent lung damage.

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