6 Ways to be Proactive at Work

6 Ways to be Proactive at Work

Proactivity can be defined as a type of behavior which makes a person take charge of his or her actions and be a self starter instead of sitting back and simply reacting to situations. Here are few ways in which you can be proactive at work.

1. Act on the feedback given to you

Employees in many organizations tend to take periodic appraisals and timely feedback for granted. They tuck their appraisal sheets under a pile of paperwork dismissing it as unnecessary. You can become a proactive employee by discussing the feedback given to you with your supervisor or manager. Understand why some of your qualities have been appreciated and why some flaws have been pointed out. Take measures to make changes in your working pattern in accordance with the feedback you get.

2. Give insights and suggestions without being asked

It is common for employees to come up with a list of suggestions, ideas and insights when they are asked to do so by their employees. But proactivity comes in the picture when you brainstorm for ideas even when you are not asked to. Surprise your manager with your ingenuity and become a proactive person.

3. Show creativity on a daily basis

It is not necessary for you to become proactive only by making big changes at work. You can even do so by taking small steps. You can start by doing everyday things differently. Think about this – Can you set your daily schedule according to your mood? Is there a way you can come with up ten practical ideas every day? Showing proactivity in small things will make a big difference.

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