Easy Ways To Get A Boyfriend

We overheard Emma, 21, Georgia, 18 and Katie, 25 talking about the world of dating. We asked if we could join this candid conversation. We put forward the question “How does a girl get a boyfriend these days?” Emma laughed out and said “We wish we knew the perfect answer. But there are many resources that you can tap in to get the boyfriend of your dreams”. “What are they?”, we asked.

Katie interrupted and asked “Do you believe in online dating? Have you ever thought of bumping into the man of your dreams in a chat room? Did it occur to you that you can get a boyfriend while sitting in the comfort of your own house?” Without allowing us to speak, Katie continued, “The Internet is changing our lives. Men and women spend hours browsing, surfing and chatting. Why not sign up on an online dating site to see if you can meet interesting people? You can get a boyfriend even from chat rooms. There are many chat messengers that you can download and meet people in open chat rooms or private chats.” We think this is an interesting way to get a boyfriend. “What’s next?”, we asked.

Georgia, who was sitting and listening to this conversation couldn’t wait to speak up. Sensing her urgency, we asked, “It seems like you have a few tips for us about how to get a boyfriend, do you Georgia?” Smiling, Georgia said, “Every woman has a best friend. Whether your best friend is a girl or a guy, why don’t you ask them to hook you up with someone? You can get a boyfriend just by tapping the right contacts. Maybe your best friend knows some guy in their office who is single. Who knows.” We were a bit skeptical. We asked, “Yes, that is an easy way to get a boyfriend. But how do we know that the person we meet won’t be a psycho or a character?” “Your best friend will surely not recommend someone like that to you, will they?”, said Georgia and put our worries to rest.

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  1. BK says:

    It is a good idea on the chat messengers part as I have personally met a few girls in chat before and even though things didn’t work out, we have become pretty good friends. There’s a need to be caution though as we do not know if the person we are meeting is a psycho or not in real life; take time to know more about the person first.

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