7 Things Every Woman Goes Through In Her Life

7 Things Every Woman Goes Through In Her Life

Life is different for a man and a woman. Not, in terms of equality but on an emotional level. The various phases that a woman goes through in life is well quite different from a man. Listed are some things that every woman goes through in her life, so read on.

1. Beauty regime

Every woman has a desire to look good. So, a beauty regime of waxing and threading is a must for them. This is a part of their life. A regular session at a beauty parlor and indulging in a good spa, most women just love to pamper them. Every woman goes through this phase of looking good through a beauty regime.

2. It’s all about periods

Every woman has to go through this stage of transition in life. Getting a period every month is a part of routine cycle. There are mood swings and other signs of getting a period. Most women also experience pre menstrual syndrome on the onset of periods. So, this is again an important thing in a woman’s life.

3. Marriage

Well, marriage for a woman is different as compared to a man. A woman leaves her house just to be with the one she loves. She adjusts and compromises in marriage to make it work. She loves her partner dearly and cares for him. She makes every effort to turn a house into a sweet home in life.

4. Pregnancy

Perhaps the most important phase of a woman’s life! Giving birth to a new life is an experience no woman will ever forget in life. And, with the birth of a baby, this gets to a new level. Women get pregnant because they have that physical and emotional ability to nurture a new life and to raise a child, which is not possible for men.

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