6 Things You Should Never Do at the Workplace

6 Things You Should Never Do at the Workplace

The first important rule about workplace etiquette is that you never get too comfortable. Your home is about the only private place you have where you can be yourself. As difficult as it can be to be someone else that is the only way you can succeed or be taken normally in the workplace. There are things that you absolutely must not do at the workplace. Things you do at the workplace reflect on who you are and you need to be very careful about the image you cultivate. Here are some things that you should never do at the workplace.

1. Do not Talk loudly and discuss your personal life with your colleagues

Office decorum must be maintained at all times and talking loudly is not welcome under any circumstances. It disturbs the personal space of others and no one really wants to know what’s on your mind. Also never discuss your personal affairs with colleagues. You always need to maintain a respectful personal space in the office. Never mix your personal life with your professional life.

2. Try and not date one of your colleagues, especially your boss

Workplace romance can be pretty complicated and there are a lot of chances that it can turn ugly. Do remember that you will be spending a lot of time with them both in and out of the office and things can get real uncomfortable if you break up. You will also be putting your colleagues in an uncomfortable position.

3. Never get too physical with your colleagues

You may be a very physical person and putting someone on the shoulders or touching can be pretty normal for you. Touching is not always welcome in the office and you will be save d a lot of trouble if you do not touch anyone at all unless it is for a formal handshake.

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