8 Health Benefits of Sweet Corn

8 Health Benefits of Sweet Corn

Sweet corn has innumerable health benefits for the body. Sweet corn can also be called as the power food because it is loaded in nutrients and vitamins. Here are some health benefits of sweet corn.

1. It helps to enhance the vision

As sweet corn is rich in antioxidants, it helps to enhance the eye vision. Zeaxanthin is a pigment which is present in sweet corn, this pigment helps to protect the eyes from the condition of macular degeneration. As sweet corn is rich in beta carotene and folate, it prevents eye related diseases.

2. It helps to enhance memory

If you are suffering from memory loss, then the best way to deal with it is to have sweet corn. Sweet corn is rich in Thiamine and Vitamin B1. It helps to improve the memory power and prevents age related memory problems. It is also effective to reduce the problem of Alzheimer’s disease in most cases.

3. It prevents heart problems

Sweet corn is rich in Folate also known as vitamin B9. This helps to lower the amino acid which is present in the blood vessels of the body. Increased level of amino acid causes problems in the vessels which may then cause heart problems. Consumption of sweet corn reduces this and prevents the heart from further damage.

4. It prevents lung cancer

It was proved in the recent study, that sweet corn can prevent lung cancer. There is a chemical in sweet corn, which is known as beta cryptoxanthin. This chemical when absorbed by the body converts into vitamin A. Thus, this helps to prevent the development of lung cancer. It also helps to prevent other forms of cancer.

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