12 Secrets Men Wish Women Knew

12 Secrets Men Wish Women Knew

A lot of women strive to understand men and their needs but somehow fail to do so. Men have a very different way of thinking, expressing and doing things. Like women, they have some secrets. A lot of men wish their women knew some secrets. Want to know those secrets? If your answer is ‘Yes,’ then check out the following hush-hush things you should know about your man.

1. Men talk about their feelings indirectly

A man may be able to express his love or feelings for you indirectly. He may need a specific type of environment for that. So, if you want to know his thoughts, ask him how he feels when you prepare his favorite dish on weekends or ask him what he would do during a romantic weekend. His answers will help you find out what he feels for you.

2. Men say ‘I Love You’ with actions

Some men show their feelings through their actions. If your guy doesn’t say ‘I Love You’ to you every single day then this doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love you. He may fix things in the house, make the bed, clean the kitchen or even take out the trash for you. He may do things that provide you comfort. So, look out for every such thing he does, go up to him, give him a hug and say “Thanks for loving me.”

3. Men do take commitment seriously

Men are considered to be commitment phobic but the fact is that they take marriage very seriously. Your man might be holding his commitment back until he gets a great job to support and create a family.

4. Shared activities can help men to bond

Shared activities can help your man to bond with you. They need to share a lot more than thoughts or feelings. So, indulge in sports and sexual activities to make him feel closer to you.

5. Men need their space

Be it a married man with kids or a bachelor, he needs his own space for sure. Shared activities are surely important for men but they also need time for themselves. So, encourage your man to go and play golf with his friends or let him join a gym where he could socialize. Encourage him to pursue his hobbies.

6. Men forget negative things faster

Women keep negative experiences or things in their mind for long but men don’t. Men are less likely to dwell on the unpleasant events. In fact, they tend to move on more quickly. So, you might want to talk about the other day’s argument but your guy may have already forgotten about it.

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