6 Great Ideas For Celebrating Christmas In The Office

6 Great Ideas For Celebrating Christmas In The Office

Christmas is the season of fun and frolic. It is the season of love and happiness. It is the season to celebrate and be joyous. Then why limit your fun once you step into your formals? Spread the joy and work this Christmas with the below delightful games.

1. Secret Santa

Who doesn’t like gifts? Gifts are more fun when they are given by someone mysterious. Deep down in your heart, you surely must have wished Santa Claus was real! This game is your chance. Write everyone’s name of different pieces of paper and fold them in the same manner. Now mix them up and get everyone to pick a paper. The name that each person picks should be kept a secret. On Christmas day each person has to send an anonymous gift to the person on the paper.

2. Best Decorated Cubical

Christmas is incomplete without some bling. Just as you may be decorating your house to make it look lively, why not make your office too look just as pretty. Just as the title says, each person has to make their cubical look the prettiest for Christmas! The best looking cubical wins the game.

3. Best Decorated Tree

One of the most significant symbols for Christmas is the tree. People spend hours decorating their tree. A lot of thought goes into it as much can be done if thought creatively. Each team should be provided with a plain Christmas tree. The team that decorates their tree the best wins the game. Ideas can be looked in for over the internet too!

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