6 Fun Colors To Dye Your Hair

6 Fun Colors To Dye Your Hair With

If you are a fashion conscious girl, then it’s completely natural for you to feel bored with your hair color after a point. Looking at all those celebs and models in fashion magazines, sporting various kinds of interesting hairstyles and hair colors, one does feel like experimenting with their look every now and then. The trends change every season, but experts recommend going in for a hair color that suits your skin tone and complements your overall personality and dressing sense.

These days, there are plenty of options available for coloring your hair, ranging from permanent to temporary to semi-permanent, and even one-time-before-head-wash kind of colors. The choice of colors too is pretty wide, ranging from pretty pastels to bright hues and neon colors.

Listed here are some fun colors to dye your hair with.

1. Green

Katy Perry sported this color on her hair in a two-toned fashion for quite sometime. She colored the sides of her hair green, letting the center remain black. You too could try something similar with the center being your natural hair color, and the sides being the color of your choice.

2. Pink

Pink has been a very popular hair color since a very long time with celebrities. You could go in for a bright pink, if you want a punk and rockstar kind of image, or you could opt for a dip-style hair with light pink shades for a more Barbie-doll kind of effect. Lauren Conrad opted for dipping the ends of her hair in bright pink color, whereas Sienna Miller chose light pink streaks.

3. Blue

Ireland Baldwin went for shades of light blues on her hair, mixed with a blonde effect. You too can choose to go in for streaks or highlights with light blue, or go in for an electric or bright blue overall on your head, similar to that of Katy Perry, Rihanna or K. Michelle. It certainly looks like every celeb has tried this hair color at least once in their life!

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