5 Signs You are Addicted to Twitter

Signs You are Addicted to Twitter

Twitter has become one of the largest internet message services. The fact that people not only use text messages, but also emails, android and iPhone services to give daily updates, casually chat and even get to know about friends and family, supports this claim. The free, easy and accessible service not only make it very viable but also an addictive. Perhaps your virtual mode of socializing has become an addiction, affecting many things around you. Here are 5 signs to know that you are addicted to twitter.

1. You feel the need to tweet about banal details

Whether it’s your dog who is sick, or you’re going to the bathroom to take a shower, having a chocolate or doing any little mundane thing, you feel the need to announce it to the whole world. You enjoy it when people reply to your tweets and talk about your daily life.

2. You feel restless when you don’t tweet

You feel that there is something amiss. While doing any activity, after having heard a joke or something interesting, there is an immediate need to update your tweets. If for some reason you are unable to send your tweets, you feel extremely restless. You also tend to lose focus from work, get distracted and waste time.

3. You send and exchange tweets all day

As and when you do anything, have any particular kind of experience, you go and send a tweet about it. At home, work, college, school, wherever you might be, you first look for a way to communicate your message.

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