How to be Independent In a Relationship?

How to be Independent In a Relationship?

You may have often wondered how exactly one can be independent while in a relationship. There is always an amount of responsibility and obligation that drives you to think that you are no more independent and this raises several relationship problems including insecurity. While being in a relationship, it is important that you retain your individuality in your own way. It must never occur to you that now living life without your partner is impossible or difficult. Here are 5 ways to be independent in a relationship.

1. Give him space

It is critical that you give him abundant space to be on his own. It is something every man needs and something he will love you for. Do not nag him continuously and if he has said “no” for something, let him be. If he does not like to accompany you for some party, do not pester him and go alone. You will earn respect in his eyes and this in turn will strengthen your relationship.

2. Make your own money

You must be financially independent. For the purpose of household expenses, it is fine to live on the expenses made by your partner but never become wholly dependent on him for cash. You should always have a source of income that will keep supplying you with a certain amount of money on a regular basis which will not let you slip into financial dependency, which will not let you be independent.

3. Never check up

This is a habit you must discard if you have at once. Never ever call up your partner and ask him where he is or what is taking him so long. Do not send text messages saying: “Why haven’t you called back?” because he might be enjoying a nice chat with old friends and answering your ridiculous query might turn him off. When you let him be, it shows how much you trust him and the same will be reciprocated when you will need to be on your own.

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