Five Fantastic Foundations

Foundations are like magic potions – invisible but effective. Sure to be spotted in every woman’s tote bags these days, foundations have become all-pervasive in the world of beauty. Foundation is an essential part of the process of makeup as it preps the skin before the process. It enhances skin complexion by creating uniformity in color. Great foundations help in giving your skin a smoother surface by filling up skin pores and absorbing the excess oil. Check out these five great foundations that will give you the sensuous skin, which you have always desired for.

1.  Clinique Even Better Makeup

Clinique Even Better Makeup

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One more super product from Clinique, this is a great foundation if your big problem area is age spots. Not only does it improve skin clarity but also evens out skin tone in 4-6 weeks. Available in 20 shades with SPF 15, this product has the benefits of Clinique’s famous oil-free foundation range. Simply apply a small amount of foundation on a makeup sponge or soft cloth and run gently in circles on your face and neck. Silky smooth, light with a great coverage, this foundation is a must have.

2.  MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation

MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation

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The amazing quality about this reasonably priced foundation is that just a little quantity will cover a lot of area and it goes onto the skin with great ease. It doesn’t feel thick, greasy and cake-like on the skin, as is the case with many others. This simply suggests that a lesser expensive brand doesn’t always compromise on quality. Available in all shades and tones, this foundation gives fantastic coverage, leaving the skin creamy smooth like that of a baby.

3. Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation

Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation

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If you are a woman on the move and simply do not have the time to touch up and re-touch up your makeup, then you need a great foundation that will hold your makeup all day long. Bobbi Brown skin foundation with SPF 15 leaves an invisible coverage that actually looks just like your real skin, not anything artificial. Ideal for covering blotchiness and blemishes on the face, this long lasting formula minimizes the ugly appearance of large pores and hides discolorations and other imperfections. This foundation work wonders when combined with the MAC Face Touch Up Stick.

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